#SkyTeamRTW – The Point Of The Journey Is Not To Arrive

Since #SkyTeamRTW went wheels up from New York’s JFK International Airport a few days ago there have been many messages asking the final destination for this trip. The reality of #SkyTeamRTW is that the final destination is the point of it’s origin, New York’s JFK international airport, via six continents and more than a dozen countries.


Since the departure, and there is still a week of travel left, taking me to Africa, Europe and South America, I have already encountered an unexpected two day delay in Sydney Australia and a visa exemption issue changing travel from Beijing to Guangzhou, but that is OK. This journey is unlike any other you’re likely to experience, even as someone following the adventure … because I have no where to be.


The purpose is simple, to inspire people …no let me rephrase that … to inspire you to go travel around the world. You may not have an interest in a round-the-world adventure, but somewhere a far off land is calling your name. There are so many experiences to be had and we want to kindle that flame within you to go experience whatever it is you want to experience, and maybe if we’re lucky you’ll share that journey with SkyTeam.


Neil Peart once said “The Point Of The Journey Is Not To Arrive.” Every arrival for us is a departure and ultimately that is the purpose of the #SkyTeamRTW journey.


Thank you for coming along as I explore the globe.


Happy Flying!



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