Southwest Dedicates Its First 737-800 To Its Employees

Southwest Airlines is known for its tireless staff going to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.  Within the airline employees follow a corporate culture known as the “Warrior Spirit“, which includes Work Hard, Desire To Be The Best, Be Courageous, Display Urgency, Persevere, Innovate.


Many air carriers name aircraft for very important people, but this past week as Southwest Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 737-8H4 the company choose to dedicate the aircraft as “Warrior One, ” with the airline’s CEO Gary Kelly stating, “We named this beautiful new aircraft Warrior One because it embodies our Warrior Spirit. And it took a Warrior Spirit to bring this project to life.â€Â 


The Boeing 737-800, at 175 seats, offers Southwest Airlines not only approximately 30% more passengers per flight than their 737-3H4 and 737-7H4, with 137 seats  … but the 737-800 is also the first ETOPS aircraft the airline has in their fleet.  The ETOPS, or Extended range Twin engine Operational Performance Standards, Boeing 737-800 will allow Southwest Airlines to expand its route network to destination that require extended flights over water … such as Hawaii.


Southwest Airlines’ Warrior One, a tribute to the people who make the airline what it is, once again exemplifies that the company’s corporate culture doesn’t exist only on paper, but in everything the airline does.


Below are a few photos of Southwest Airlines’ new Boeing 737-8H4, N8301J, at its unveiling for employees at Dallas’ Love Field. Photos are courtesy of Paul Thompson, @flyingphotog.


Happy Flying!




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a blue and red airplane

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