The Prepackaged Tooth Brush, A True Travel Essential

Ever wake up late to catch your flight on a Monday morning, quickly throwing your bag together, praying you catch your flight … yea, me neither … but if this sounds like a scenario you may encounter, chances are you’ve arrived at your destination at some point missing an essential travel item …


… your toothbrush.


While I won’t admit to having walked out of the house without my toothbrush, but as a connoisseur of bar-b-cue and buffalo wings, should this occurrence have happened, it would be just a bit embarrassing and potentially unpleasant for anyone in close proximity to me … especially for a few hours in a cramped 18-inch wide seat sharing an arm rest with me.


The solution? A pre-pasted, individually packaged, single use toothbrush, stashed in your bag.


Yes, at first thought carrying a pre-pasted toothbrush seems a bit odd, but consider how it easy it is to slip the ready to use toothbrush in the pen slot of your brief case or backpack.  For me, I generally keep a ReadyBrush neatly tucked into my bag along with my pens, markers, iPad stylus, etc. Having a toothbrush at the ready that you can just tear open, wet and freshen up with, is a perfect must have item for your travels.


Considering a 10-pack of ReadyBrush pre-pasted brushes costs around US$10, why wouldn’t you pack one on your bag?


Below are a few photos of the ReadyBrush and how I travel with mine.


Happy Flying!




a close up of a toothbrush


a close up of a toothbrush

a toothpaste in a yellow bag


  1. Why stop at the toothbrush? I keep my carry on ready with all travel essentials – with a dedicated set of toiletries, razor, phone charger, pen, slippers, a few plastic bags, etc. Such items are inexpensive enough and I can afford one set for home and one for the the carry-on. In addition I also keep my passport wallet in the carry on. This way there is no question of remembering or forgetting anything, I can throw a few clothes and leave anytime.

  2. Well, in my case, what I do is I pack a toothbrush shrink-wrapped in sealed plastic and either a packet or a small tube of toothpaste, and I keep both stored in my carry-on bag until a trip comes along where I use it.

    From where do I get the toothbrush and toothpaste? Usually the front desk clerk of a Hampton Inn or Fairfield Inn upon request, where they will cheerfully give you the items. Cost: $0.00.

    By the way, this works for shaving cream and razors as well. If the razor does not come sealed in shrink-wrapped plastic, I run it through the dishwasher at home to sterilize it first before packing it and using it in case of “emergency.”

    These items are conveniently and readily available to me in my carry-on bag wherever I go – for example, when I found myself at the airport in Zurich in the middle of the night. I used an empty public washroom to brush my teeth, shave and prepare myself for the flight within a few hours.

  3. Yep, been there. For a several years my ‘travel’ toothbrush was one of the collection I’ve bought from vending machines or been given by a hotel. Finally bought my first ‘real’ travel toothbrush from REI a few months ago and it lives in my bag along with the other bits that never get unpacked.

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