Space Saving Packing Tip : Choosing Your Travel Laptop

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27/02/2009 – Space Saving Packing Tip : Choosing Your Travel Laptop

Lets face it, we all like a larger screen to view our photos, movies, and graphics or to multiple spread sheets.  Between my two laptops I find my 15″ Apple PowerBook is great for editing due to the space available to view images, on the other hand I often despise traveling with the 15″ Powerbook and favour the 13″ Apple MacBook (previously I traveled with two very well abused…I mean loved…12″ Apple PowerBooks).

When choosing a laptop for travel there is a lot of give-and-take in the choice selection.

On one hand a larger laptop offer more screen space, a larger pad to wrest your palms, often even a larger keyboard.   The downside to a larger laptop is usually a diminished battery life, more space dedicated to the laptop in your bag and often a higher likely hood of damaging the laptop due to tourquing it in such a way that your screen won’t close evenly.

On the other hand, a smaller laptop offers an easier ability to work in a tight space (such as in an airplane seat), a longer batter life and a more versatile option when packing.  The cons to a smaller laptop are obvious, the screen in smaller.

Obviously not everyone has two laptops, however many photographers, videographers and business travelers have access to either two laptops or a laptop and a desktop. If you travel on a regular basis, or plan on travelling, consider a smaller laptop.   The space saved, and battery life increase, can be significant, and fee up not only packing space, but allow for alternative and more effective travel bags.   A smaller bag for travel is can not only be easier to get around with, but lighter as well!

Below is a photo of my 15″ PowerBook and 13″ MacBook for a comparison of the significant size difference.

Happy Flying!
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a close-up of a laptop

a black laptop with a white logo


  1. Even a MacBook is 4.5 lbs! Compared to the latest crop of netbooks (sorry Psion), that’s a monster. Of course, I’m saying that when a MacBook is my personal travel machine, too…

  2. Rick,

    Yes I know of quite a few very light weight PC laptops…however I try not to discuss PC as I am firmly a Mac user!

    (this is not meant to be PC vs Mac, I know of quite a few great PC laptops, in fact I even like a few Lenovo Think Pads and sony Vaios…..but I won’t give up my Mac OS!)

    Happy Flying!


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