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Ryanair & Google To Change How We Buy Plane Tickets … Not Really

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ireland’s Ryanair, an airline known more for its lack of a positive passenger experience and nickel and diming its passengers than anything else, claims his airline is on the cusp of “completely transform how consumers search for, select and buy airline tickets.”   In an interview published in The Irish Independent…

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JFK Airport Closes Its Primary Runway For 4 Months & What It Means To You

As the old saying goes “today is a new day,” however today for New York’s JFK International Airport is also the start of a four-month project to repave its longest runway, 13R/31L. JFK’ Runway 13R/31L, at times referred to as “The Bay Runway,” is being repaved with more concrete, which is more durable that its…

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iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airfare

Web: — E-Mail: 7/05/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airfare There are many iPhone Apps for finding flights online, and on my iPhone I currently have around half-a-dozen iPhone Apps for either booking flights or finding the ‘cheapest flight.’ Sometimes the ‘cheapest flight’ is not the most convenient flight, but then…

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Frontier Airlines Introduces New Fare Scheme

Web: — E-Mail: 18/12/2008 – Frontier Airlines Introduces New Fare Scheme Many flyers are mystified at airline fare pricing models. These pricing systems are complex and can be very confusing, especially when trying to determine if one fare offers a benefit over another when purchasing seats. Today Frontier Airlines released a new fare…

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