Frontier Airlines Introduces New Fare Scheme

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18/12/2008 – Frontier Airlines Introduces New Fare Scheme

Many flyers are mystified at airline fare pricing models. These pricing systems are complex and can be very confusing, especially when trying to determine if one fare offers a benefit over another when purchasing seats.

Today Frontier Airlines released a new fare pricing scheme that allows flyers to choose from three distinct fare systems.  These three fares are “Economy,” “Classic” and “Classic Plus.” Within each of these three new fares flyers can access different advantages (and disadvantages).

Below is a break down of the new fare categories.

-Economy : Passengers who choose “Economy” are not entitled to advance seat selection ; they must pay $15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second checked bag; use of DirecTV in-flight is available for purchase; in-flight snacks come with a fee.  “Economy” flyers changing flights, or flying stand-by, will face a $150 fee, however there is 100% frequent flyer credit for flights flown

-Classic : Passengers who choose “Classic” are entitled to advance seat selection; receive two checked pieces of luggage at no additional free; receive DirecTV for no additional fee in-flight. “Classic” passengers must still pay for in-flight snacks, and the change of flight or flying stand-by fee is reduced to $75. The “Classic” fare is fully refundable and frequent flyers receive a 25% mileage bonus

-Classic Plus: Passengers who choose to book “Classic Plus” are entitled to advance seat selection; two pieces of checked baggage no no additional fee; are entitled to DirectTV in-flight at no fee; receive snacks and premium beverages at no fee in-flight. “Classic Plus” fare are fully refundable; passengers face no fee or penalty for change of flight or seeking to fly stand-by on another flight and frequent flyers receive a 50% mileage bonus.

For those travellers who are prone to frequent chances in itineraries, the “Classic Plus” fares tend to be less than $150 above the case “Economy” fare, even on longer flights in Frontier’s network. Given that “Economy” have $150 change/stand-by fee, purchasing the “Classic Plus” fare can pay for its self in one single trip for business flyers.

Overall, for those who choose to fly low cost carriers in the United States, I see Frontier’s new pricing model simple, straight forward and clearly defined system.

Happy Flying!

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  1. So does this mean the flight attendants are going to have to keep track of who gets what for each and every individual seat? It seems like this would disrupt the assembly line of in-flight snack/beverage service…

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