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Debunking “Striking Multiple Exposure Shot of Takeoffs at Hannover Airport”

For the past few months on a nearly daily basis the same image appears somewhere in my Twitterstream, Facebook Wall, Google + feed or in my email box … often more than once a day. The photo is a beautiful image of dozens of aircraft lifting off from Runway 27L at Germany’s Hannover-Langenhagen Airport. The…

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Guest Post: AvGeeks Unite!

Todays Guest Post goes excellently with last week’s guest post from Leighton Matthews Guest Post – Plane Pics – A Spotter’s Story. Many who work in the airline industry are enthusiasts, or Aviation Geeks, also known as AvGeeks … and this is brought to light by Amelia Kelly, a flight attendant from Down Under (or…

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So What’s With Uzbekistan Airways “Good Luck” Slogan?

For the past few months a billboard from Uzbekistan Airways with the slogan “Good Luck” has appeared throughout various internet forums. More often than not those posting the photo want to know the origin of the billboard and more importantly … why would an airline choose the slogan “Good Luck” Lets deal with the easy…

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