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Why Rep. John Mica Really Wants To Privatize The TSA … Corruption, Agendas & Personal Financial Gain

Congressman John Mica’s (R-FL) rants about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are nothing new. Rep. Mica, who represents Florida’s 7th Congressional District, was involved in the creation of the TSA and began becoming vocal about the privatization of the agency in 2010, focusing his energy on Orlando Sanford International Airport. Why tiny Orlando Sanford International…

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Starting Today Allegiant Air Charges For Carry On Bags

In April 2010 Spirit Airlines announced the unthinkable … the airline would begin charging passengers for carry on bags, shocking the travel industry that any airline would charge for carry on bags before Ireland’s Ryanair.  Now, two years later Ryanair is still not charging passengers for carry on bags, however Las Vegas based low cost…

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Spirit Airlines “Pre-Reclined” Seat : Worst Seat Choices Ever On SeatGuru?

OK, to be fair…SeatGuru does not actually rate seats, however SeatGuru gives travelers one of the most detailed and best resources for choosing seats on flights. If you have not used SeatGuru, the site shows diagrams for more that 700 airliners flown by commercial airlines around the world. In the graphics of most airline seat…

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