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Are The MacBook Air & iPad The Perfect In-flight Office?

Not all airline seats are the same, from spacious international first class suites to cramped commuter planes seats; passengers have different experiences depending on the seat they are in.   For many business travelers, the seat they are in is frequently a cramped regional jet … or in some cases a turbo prop (which are the…

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iPhone 4 – Observation After The First 24 Hours Of Use

While the iPhone 4 was officially released today, the 24th of June, mine arrived at my door yesterday morning on a FedEx truck … effectively giving me a one-day jump on the vast majority of the 600,000 people who pre-ordered the iPhone 4. Now, having had my iPhone 4 activated for just over 24 hours…

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Is the iPad Ready For Life As Airline In-Flight Entertainment? … No

Since the time the Apple iPad was announced there has been speculation regarding its adaptation into an in-flight entertainment (IFE) device. Now, having used the iPad, including as an in-flight entertainment device on multiple  flights, over the past two weeks and a half weeks,  an announcement by BlueBox Avionics that they will be launching an…

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Apple Airport Express : Expand WiFi Surfing Range On The Road

Web: – E-Mail: 23/12/2008 – Apple Airport Express : Expand WiFi Surfing Range On The Road The need, and desire, to be connected on the road is an important concern to many flyers.  Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, you want to stay connected (unless you take a romantic weekend…

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