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Astraeus Airlines Screams Marketing

Today for me is the day two of my life long loves collide … Astraeus Airlines has named Bruce Dickenson as its new Director of Marketing. For those of you reading this wondering what I am talking about, let me explain. Obviously Astraeus Airlines is obvious … I have always loved airlines and airplanes ……

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Reader Mail : “What’s the difference between a code share & interline?”

This week’s reader mail comes from Annette up in Canada. Annette asks “What’s the difference between a code share and interline agreement between airlines?” Annette, in fact, a code-share and an interline agreement are quite different. I can go into depth, but that really doesn’t help travelers all that much … so I’ll stick with…

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How Far Would You Let a Heavy Metal Singer Push An Airbus’ Limits?

Iron Maiden’s lead singer Bruce Dickenson is a man of many talents, skilled vocalist, world-class fencer, BBC Radio 6 presenter … and commercial airline pilot. Yes, Iron Maiden’s lead singer is also a commercial airline captain, flying the Boeing 757-200 for Astraeus Airlines. In fact, in an unheard of move Bruce Dickenson worked with Astraeus…

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