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“Should the TSA pat down kids in a wheelchair?”, This Is The Wrong Question

Before I dive into this post, discussing another post by consumer advocate and travel expert Chris Elliott this week, I should note that I both like and respect Chris.  This is not a dig on Chris or his opinions. We both cover the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regularly, we both have strong opinions on the…

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Airlines Not Being Entirely Honest About Delays & Cancellations

Yesterday Chris Elliott, a noted consumer advocate and travel blogger … who you should all be reading … wrote a blog post entitled ‘Are airlines bending the truth about weather delays?’, which got me thinking about all my delayed and canceled flights.   I’m not going to go into the rules surrounding passenger compensation, or…

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Southwest Airlines Holds Flight For Family Of A Murdered Child

Earlier this week Christopher Elliot reported a story that is one of those tear jerkers. I am sure most of you have read this story already, but for those of you who have not, go grab a handkerchief, because this is a story that you have to read. In place of Elliott’s usual Monday “Can…

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Five Travel Blogs You Should Read

As we enter the busiest travel time of the year many find themselves seeking more travel information. The sheer number of travel sites online can be overwhelming, ranging from niche topics … such as Flying With Fish … to broad and almost disorganized content from a site I won’t mention by name … but through…

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Flying With Fish Named To Mashable’s “28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter” List

Web: — E-Mail: 12/11/2009 – Flying With Fish Named To Mashable’s “28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter” List This afternoon released its ‘28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter’ list. It came as no surprise to me that #1 on the list was Benet Wilson, Aviation Week’s Online Managing Editor for Business Aviation.…

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