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Southwest Dedicates Its First 737-800 To Its Employees

Southwest Airlines is known for its tireless staff going to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.  Within the airline employees follow a corporate culture known as the “Warrior Spirit“, which includes Work Hard, Desire To Be The Best, Be Courageous, Display Urgency, Persevere, Innovate.   Many air carriers name aircraft for very important people, but…

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The Golden Jet Age Started Today … 53 years ago

1958 was a big year for travel, starting on January 1st a BOAC Bristol Britannia broke the New York to London speed record, flying the route in 7 hours 57 minutes, followed by the first ever two-way moving sidewalk being introduced at Dallas’s Love Field and of course Boeing delivering the first ever 707 to…

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Southwest’s LUV Brings Broadband To The Flying Masses

Web: www.stevenfrischling.com — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 14/02/2009 – Southwest’s LUV Brings Broadband To The Flying Masses I have been holding onto this entry involving Southwest Airlines for the past few days, waiting for Valentine’s Day. Why Valentine’s Day? Because Southwest Airline’s ‘home’ is not only Dallas’ Love Field, but also the airline’s stock symbol (NYSE) is…

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