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Travel Etiquette : Put Your Shirt On And No One Wants To See Your Nasty Underwear

The golden age of airline travel is long in the past. Gone are the days of men putting on their suits and woman putting on their best outfits to board a flight. Airline travel today is significantly different than it was when commercial jet aircraft first made their appearance and the majority of airline passengers…

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Travel Etiquette : Don’t Put Your Feet In The Air & Wave ’em Like You Just Don’t Care

It has been a few months since I last wrote about passenger etiquette, but my flight home from London this past week reminded me that some passengers lack any sense of etiquette regardless of the class of service they are seated in.   This past Tuesday as I got settled into seat 10J, in business…

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Travel Etiquette and Common Courtesy … Get Some!

Long gone are the days of refined airline travel. Passengers no longer put on a tie to fly, children are no longer in their Sunday best for flights and the refined cabin environment has largely gone the way of the dodo bird.   Despite the changes in airline travel, the need for common courtesy and…

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The Cancellations, The Annoyances, The Helpful

Right now I am crammed into seat 27E, a middle seat, on board Delta Air Lines Flight 2362, a Boeing 757-200 flying from Los Angeles to New York’s JFK, instead of sitting in an Economy Comfort window seat headed to Honolulu … and I am happy about it. Let me tell you why …  …

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