Travel Etiquette : Don’t Put Your Feet In The Air & Wave ’em Like You Just Don’t Care

It has been a few months since I last wrote about passenger etiquette, but my flight home from London this past week reminded me that some passengers lack any sense of etiquette regardless of the class of service they are seated in.


This past Tuesday as I got settled into seat 10J, in business class, on an American Airlines Boeing 777-223, for my flight home from London Heathrow Airport my seatmate proceeded to complain to the flight attendant that the seats did not meet his standards, inform them that the cabin was inferior to his preferred airlines, British Airways, and let them know he’d never be flying the airline again … and this is before we even pushed off the gate.


Following my seatmate’s brief interaction with the flight attendant he removed his shoes and placed his feet squarely on the back of the seat in front of him.   The flight attendant quickly asked the man to put his feet down, but this happened at least six more times over the next hour. The flight attendant would walk away and a few minutes later my seatmate would have his stocking-feet back up on the seat in front of him.


A few hours into the flight my seatmate’s etiquette became an act of contortionism when he placed his seat into the bed position to take a nap. Somehow, and I still cannot figure out how, my seatmate managed to turn his body and get his feet on my seat.


Keep this in mind when you fly, your airline seat is not your living room, unless you own your own private aircraft, in which case you are free to do whatever you want.   Your seat on the plane, while yours for the duration of the flight, is still in a public space. Think about those around you for a more pleasant flying experience.


In short, be considerate of those around you.


Below is a photo of my seatmate … and if he happens to spot this photo, one bit of advice you may want to pick up some Odor Eaters for your shoes.


Happy Flying!




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  1. He sounds like a right @sshole!
    I don’t care who you are or what class you fly in…it’s one thing to take your shoes off but to put your feet up like that? Pffff!
    I take my shoes off but I always have socks on (and my feet NEVER stink lol) but I never and I mean never would put my feet up like in the photo.

    If BA is so good then I would of told him..don’t let this plans door hit him in the @ss lol.

  2. This man is certainly no “spring chicken”! He should know better at his age, but I suppose some people just lack the most rudimentary of manners and class! I just hope I don’t bump into this guy on any my flights, that would be hell on Earth with what appears to be stinky socks and probably smelly feet!!!

  3. First of all, some people just feel entitled. Second of all, who wears a French cuffed shirt and cuff links with jeans?? Apparently this guy.

  4. What a clown! Take a little solace in the fact that this guy probably leads a miserable life. It’s not easy being that big of a jerk all the time. Must be EXHAUSTING to be associated with that guy in any way.

  5. The person in the article who did not follow the flight attendants order and kept putting his feet up on the seat back should have been charged with disobeying a flight attendants which is a federal offense! Right!

  6. This guy sounds like a complete jerk, but you are just going down to his own level by posting a picture of his face.

    I agree, it’s disgraceful that someone would behave the way your seatmate did, but don’t you think that posting an identifiable picture of someone without their consent might be a little too much?

  7. Just confirmed the wisdom of always flying with the commoners in economy. Those up front just put on too many airs. Yep, imagine the airs around those feet – whew!

  8. His expression in that photo makes him look like an expletive.

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