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Do You Need Help Flying Home For The Holidays? Maybe Peter Shankman Can Help

Peter Shankman is well known for his social media presence, the books he writes, being a public speaker, founding HARO, sky diving, speaking almost as quickly as I do … and really for being a genuinely nice guy.   When you get beneath the public persona of many genuinely nice people they aren’t so genuine,…

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You Can Help Airlines Return Your Lost Bags To You

Lost baggage is not fun for anyone. For travelers, lost baggage means no clothes, no toiletries, possibly lost business materials or gifts. For airlines, lost baggage means their staff is subjected to irate travelers, a decrease is customer satisfaction and the added expense of tracking down lost bags, shipping and delivering lost bags, not to…

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Staying Comfortable On Long Flights

Long flights, love them or hate then one thing is undeniable, they are uncomfortable, especially in economy class.   Seats are cramped, knees are banged and seat mates are annoying … OK, there is no known cure for an annoying seatmate aside from good noise canceling headsets and pretending to not understand the language you…

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Don’t Miss Johnny Jet’s Jan 1 Travel Channel Special!

If you’re a traveler, follow any travel blogs, follow travelers on Twitter … or just have a thing for people that travel like Richard Branson and posses the charm of James Bond … chances are you know of Johnny Jet.   If you have ever dreamed of experiencing travel with Johnny Jet, the Travel Channel…

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Holiday Season Airport Security Reminder – Part 2 of 2 : Anatomy Of An Airport Security Checkpoint

Web: — E-Mail: 26/11/2008 – Holiday Season Airport Security Reminder – Part 2 of 2 : Anatomy Of An Airport Security Checkpoint Today starts the official “holiday travel season,” and it happens to be one of the busiest travel days of the year in the United States.  Over the next few days an…

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