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iPad App of the Week : Adobe Ideas

Sometimes the best Apps are the simplest Apps … and this week’s iPad App of the Week is one that makes creating concepts and sharing ideas as easy possible. This week’s iPad App of the Week is Adobe Ideas. Adobe Ideas takes the simplicity of using the iPad and transforms it into a highly functional…

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iPhone App of the Week : eSkyGuide

Each week I receive quite a few e-mails from App developers offering me promo codes to check out their Apps … and a good number of these Apps are for airline flight trackers, travel booking and other related travel and airline Apps. For the most part I tend to skip travel-tracking Apps because 99.9% of…

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Is the iPad Ready For Life As Airline In-Flight Entertainment? … No

Since the time the Apple iPad was announced there has been speculation regarding its adaptation into an in-flight entertainment (IFE) device. Now, having used the iPad, including as an in-flight entertainment device on multiple  flights, over the past two weeks and a half weeks,  an announcement by BlueBox Avionics that they will be launching an…

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