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Reader Mail: What Is Your Favourite Airplane Paint Job?

It has been a while since I’ve dug into reader mail, and tonight I was reminded of this while checking out the airplane photography of Leighton Matthews … so let’s dig in … today’s reader mail comes from H.M. Kumar who asks  “With all the fanciful  airplane designs airlines are using for promotions and branding,…

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Guest Post: AvGeeks Unite!

Todays Guest Post goes excellently with last week’s guest post from Leighton Matthews Guest Post – Plane Pics – A Spotter’s Story. Many who work in the airline industry are enthusiasts, or Aviation Geeks, also known as AvGeeks … and this is brought to light by Amelia Kelly, a flight attendant from Down Under (or…

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Guest Post: Plane Pics – A Spotter’s Story

Today’s guest blog post comes from Leighton Matthews … Leighton was a natural choice to ask to be a guest blogger, as Leighton is a professional photographer, airplane junkie and a huge Rush fan (pretty much sounds like I just described myself). You can follow Leighton on Twitter at @PacificAirPhoto and check out his photos…

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