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Do You Need Help Flying Home For The Holidays? Maybe Peter Shankman Can Help

Peter Shankman is well known for his social media presence, the books he writes, being a public speaker, founding HARO, sky diving, speaking almost as quickly as I do … and really for being a genuinely nice guy.   When you get beneath the public persona of many genuinely nice people they aren’t so genuine,…

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A Frequent Flyers’ Positive Airline Customer Experience

Today’s post is directly taken, in it’s entirety from Peter Shankman’s blog (yes, I have his permission to post it here on Flying With Fish) and his story is one experienced by thousands of travelers every day, but stories we almost never hear of.  Why do we rarely hear stories like Mr. Shankman’s?  Because it…

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Is The TSA Humourless? There’s evidence to the contrary

A week ago Peter Shankman an entrepreneur & social media professional (who I really think of more as a life coach for corporations) made a comment to his 90,000+ followers on Twitter that summed up the feelings of many people regarding the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Peter quipped: “Your TSA. Providing the complete illusion of…

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