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iPad App of the Week : FlightBoard

The ‘big board’ at the airport, its a familiar site for all who travel and all who end up going to the airport to pick up travelers.  What if you could take the big board on the road … and share with others? Now you can … … this week’s iPhone App of the Week…

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Guest Post: Plane Pics – A Spotter’s Story

Today’s guest blog post comes from Leighton Matthews … Leighton was a natural choice to ask to be a guest blogger, as Leighton is a professional photographer, airplane junkie and a huge Rush fan (pretty much sounds like I just described myself). You can follow Leighton on Twitter at @PacificAirPhoto and check out his photos…

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The ‘You Might Be An Airline Geek If…’ Quiz

Summer is in the air, the sun is shining, some airlines are doing well and others are on strike … so I figured this might be a good time to interject some humour into Flying With Fish. To completely rip off a comedy concept by Jeff Foxworthy, this post is all about “You might be…

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iPhone App of the Week : Aircraft Recognition Guide

Back in October of 2009 I wrote up an iPhone that was great for airplane geeks, little kids, every day travelers and anyone who glances out the window standing in the airport here : iPhone App Of The Week : Aeroguidelite While Aeroguidelite has been a fantastic app, it was removed from the iTunes store…

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