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Saudia Capitalizes On Fed Up Indian Pilots

Saudi Arabian Airlines’ fleet is growing quickly and quietly, as the airline expands is presence and sets its sights on joining the SkyTeam airline alliance in May of this year.   With the airline’s rapid expansion the carrier needs to equally expand its roster of experienced pilots … and not just any pilots, but Captains.  …

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Saudi Media Falsely Reports A Saudia 747 Crashed : Airline Responds Hours Later

This past Friday Saudi Arabian media and social media sources began reporting that an engine had fallen from a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747’s wing causing the aircraft to crash in the sparsely populated Rub Al Khali Desert. Further reports spreading through out various social media channels stated that there were fatalities and significant difficulties…

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Can The Shoura Council Damage Saudi Arabian Airlines’ Potential?

Saudi Arabian Airlines has been positioning its self, and its subsidiary businesses, to be privatized and become profitable.  With business units already being spun off from the airline and succeeding as independent profitable businesses, such as the airline catering division, the primary focus is for the airline division to take center stage for becoming independent…

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Saudia Begins Penalizing Late & No Show First Class Flyers

Saudi Arabian Airlines (also known as Saudia) is taking airline fees to a whole new level … which its self is not shocking … however whom these new fees are targeting is a bit shocking. Saudi Arabian Airlines has begun implementing a SR50 (US$13.25) penalty for first class and business class passengers who are late,…

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Saudi Arabian Airlines : An Overlooked Sleeping Giant

Saudi Arabian Airlines is the latest airline to launch in-flight wifi connectivity and allow passengers to utilize their mobile phones while in flight … and it signals Saudi Arabian Airlines‘ potential march toward the forefront of Gulf State carriers. While I have largely stopped writing about airlines installing wifi on flights due to the rapid…

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