Saudia Capitalizes On Fed Up Indian Pilots

Saudi Arabian Airlines’ fleet is growing quickly and quietly, as the airline expands is presence and sets its sights on joining the SkyTeam airline alliance in May of this year.   With the airline’s rapid expansion the carrier needs to equally expand its roster of experienced pilots … and not just any pilots, but Captains.


Saudi Arabian Airlines is in a unique position of having a significant pool of qualified first officers, but faces a shortage of captains.   As the airline seeks experienced Captains for its fleet passenger and cargo aircraft, with an emphasis on Boeing 777 and Airbus A320 captains, it is looking towards India’s airlines.


As experienced pilots in India endure constant problems within Air India and Kingfisher, including having not received salaries for extended periods of time, Saudi Arabian Airlines is actively recruiting experienced Captains from India’s major carriers.


Saudi Arabian Airlines expects to be able to fill a significant number of its estimated 120 Captain positions in the coming week as they interview candidates in Mumbai.  Captain candidates are expected to have flown a minimum of 6,000 hours, with a minimum of 2,500 hours in the left seat, and 20 years of flying experience.


Given the level of frustration pilots within Air India and Kingfisher have endured, the Indian airline industry’s loss is likely to be Saudi Arabian Airlines’ gain.


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  1. Guess this shows if you are good airline pilot and don’t mind moving then you shouldn’t be out of work with the middle eastern airlines doing so well

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