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The Scottevest Transformer … a quick & dirty review

It is no secret that I really enjoy Scottevest clothing. Ever since I first purchased a Scottevest original vest, this company’s clothing has transformed how I pack to walk about the door. With the Scottevest original vest, Fleece 5.0 jacket/vest, hoodie sweatshirt, sport coat, cargo pants and button down shirt in my wardrobe … some…

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Want To See The World? Win $10k From Scottevest To Do It!

I don’t tend to write about contests, well contests, but then again Flying With Fish lives on … but Scottevest has announced a contest that will make any traveler, photographer or travel photographer get excited.   Scottevest’s “For The Trip Of Your Life” contest will award one lucky traveler US$10,000 to go anywhere…

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Scottevest Travel Vest : There’s A Pocket For That

Baggage is an annoyance on the road; even carry on baggage, especially short trips.  Travel with bags slows travelers up at security check points, leaves traveler property at risk for theft or loss at security check points … and for day trips requires travelers to schlep their bags wherever they go. Yes, I admit, there…

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