Want To See The World? Win $10k From Scottevest To Do It!

I don’t tend to write about contests, well BoardingArea.com contests, but then again Flying With Fish lives on BoardingArea.com … but Scottevest has announced a contest that will make any traveler, photographer or travel photographer get excited.


Scottevest’sFor The Trip Of Your Life” contest will award one lucky traveler US$10,000 to go anywhere they want and do anything they want.  Oh the things I could do with US$10,000 and a few hours on FareCompare.com


So what’s the catch to Scottevest’s For The Trip Of Your Life Contest?  There isn’t one and you can even enter as often as you’d like between now and the 31st of December 2011 … but … you need to work for it.  To enter you need to tell a compelling story answering this question, “What is the Trip If Your Life?” and why Scottevest should select you as their lucky winner.



Entries to the Scottevest For The Trip Of Your Life contest can be submitted in pretty much any format you can think of.  From scripted video for the long winded to a 140 character Tweet for those with the attention span of a gnat.  Scottevest says they will even accept entries as popsicle stick figure dioramas, in musical format an if you are a Bob Ross fan who wants to see the forests of the world you may submit your entry as a wet-on-wet painting crafted on an 18×24 double primed pre-stretched canvas.


Entries can be uploaded anywhere, your blog, Facebook, your Fickr account, YouTube on Twitter. Just upload the entry then let Scottevest know you have uploaded your contest entry … I suggest dropping them a Tweet at @Scottevest on Twitter.   If you’re uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo title your upload “Scottevest For The Trip Of Your Life Contest Entry “ and place a link to www.scottevest.com/contest in the description


This contest is great for social media junkies, 49% of the contest scoring will be judge on how many people view each entry, so Tweet it with hashtags, drive content there from Facebook, engage people, place the link to your entry (in a non-spam like manner) into your online conversations, maybe appropriately drop it into the weekly #TTOT and #TNI travel chats on Twitter, discuss the contest in travel forums, such as Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree or the FlyerTalk forums.


So … what happens when you win?  Scott Jordan, the creator of Scottevest, will send you a check for US$10,000 For The Trip Of Your Life, along with US$1,000 in Scottevest gear for your journey (I strongly recommend the Fleece 5.0, trust me!) and you’ll appear in a Scottevest print ad (so you might want to get a good hair cut).



What would I do with $10,000? Hmmmm … I’d visit the history of all of us spending time enjoying exploring the history of us … all of us … and where we started.  Stand where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers merge into a single river, the remains of Eridu, Qal’at al-Bahrain, Memphis (Egypt, not Tennessee), Jiroft and other places that all lead to where we are now as global civilization, all very different but linked by the same common history.


Anyway, what are you waiting for?  Go enter and tell Scottevest where you’d go!


As a disclaimer, I wear and love Scottevest clothing, some I have purchased, some the company has been nice enough to send me (and I need to get around to writing about some of their clothes in the near future because they are now part of my every day wardrobe).


Happy Flying!



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  1. Steven, awesome blog post! Thx for suggesting our contest- first deadline is coming up fast! 12/31. This is such an easy contest to enter and win.

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