The Travelers’ Night In #TNI #Travel Chat … Big News!

For those of you who follow @flyingwithfish on Twitter, you have probably noticed that every Thursday my Twitterstream is filled with tweets tagged with the #TNI hashtag. For those of you who do not know what #TNI is, it stands for Travelers’ Night In, the original travel chat on Twitter, established by ZipSetGo in 2009.


Well, as of today the weekly #TNI Travel Chat begins a new chapter. After working with ZipSetGo as co-host since 2011, the chat, the brand, the marketing, the host selection, yadda yadda yadda, in short everything, is being turned over to me.


Due to organizational corporate changes the weekly #TNI #Travel Chat could have faded away, but the ladies who founded it have instead entrusted it’s future to me.


For regular participants in the chat … nothing will change.   The chat will remain at its usual time and day, every Thursday 3:30pm EST / 12:30 pm PST, ten questions will be tweeted every ten minutes for 90 minutes and the same fun people you have come to know and enjoy will still be tweeting along side you.


I cannot thank ZipSetGo enough for not only turning the chat that I have long been involved with over to me, but also for making sure this long running weekly gathering continued after they could no longer be at the helm.


While I will not discuss the details of the transition from ZipSetGo to myself … I will share this one thing … in order for me to take over the chat I had to agree to one Term & Condition that trumped all else.   I had to agree to no longer make any jokes about Ohio, I can no longer mock Ohio, nor can I mention Ohio is my wise cracks.   It was very hard to agree to this (and for those of you know me personally, you’ll understand why), but I have agreed for the greater good of continuing the #TNI #Travel Chat.


So, with that and I invite you all of you who are not familiar with the #TNI #Travel Chat to join us in discussing our love of all sorts of travel.


Oh … and be sure to follow @Official_TNI as well as @flyingwithfish.


Happy Flying!



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A special thank you to Ian Petchenik at Smart Owl Creative for the new Travelers’ Night In logo. Thank You!


  1. You know I’ll be there whenever I can! I spoke today for a GBTA chapter and had a slide that mentioned twitter chats as a great way to feel connected while traveling, learn some things and possibly win fun stuff! #TNI and my other fav, #TravelSkills, were both in my slides.

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