Travel Photography Boot Camps : Starting January 2009

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26/12/2008 – Travel Photography Boot Camps : Starting January 2009

Here we are, the day after Christmas, approaching the sixth night of Chanukah.  Maybe you’ve unwrapped a new lens, even better maybe you’ve unwrapped a new camera.

With new toys in your hand, are you seeking an adventure? Interesting in testing your travel limits as a photographer?  Then you’re in luck!  Flying With Fish offers a number of hand-on, in-the-field, intensive Boot Camps designed to teach photographer how to travel.

These intensive Boot Camps are for all levels of photographers, and all levels of travellers.  You can choose from a single day Boot Camp where you won’t know where you’re headed until you show up at the airport; a week being pushed through Europe; or a 10 day, four continent, two hemisphere, one sub-continent, intensive journey around the world
All of these Boot Camps are intended to teach anyone who has an interest in travelling as a photographer how to travel quickly and effectively, while seek out images and overcome logistical obstacles under real-time deadline constraints.

Interested in taking your new cameras out for an educational adventure?  Visit

The first Boot Camps for 2009 are scheduled to fly in January.  Limited seats remain available for these two single-day ‘mystery-destination’ Boot Camps, so don’t miss out!
All Boot Camp participants will receive a Mountainsmith pack chosen by Flying With Fish, courtesy of Mountainsmith.

……so what are you waiting for? Come Fly With Fish!

Happy Flying!

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