iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Next Flight

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26/12/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Next Flight

Over the past few months I have played with quite a few travel planning iPhone ‘Apps’ and multiple flight tracking ‘Apps’ however these apps are all somewhat cumbersome for quick on the run changes to travel.   I recently began to use an ‘App’ that is ideal for both helping myself and other travellers quickly deal with missed flights, changes of destination and needing to know how to get from ‘here-to-there’ instantly and effortlessly.

This new ‘App’ is Next Flight, by TouchMeme.  Next Flight’s name says it all, it helps travellers quickly find the next flight.    Say you’ve shown up at Baltimore’s BWI Airport and have a business dinner in Chicago (ORD or MDW) but missed your flight.  Rather than stumble through online travel search engines that do not show all the available flights, you pull out Next Flight and you are quickly shown all the next flights, regardless of airline, airline alliance or price.  While flyers may have a preference for a carrier or alliance, sometimes it is far more important to get to your destination than accrue more frequent flyer miles.

For those flyers that want to fly only certain airlines Next Flight does offer a filter than allows you to limit what airlines are searched.

The downside to Next Flight is that it does not reliably pull up connection flights.  I have a hard time searching Providence (PVD) to San Francisco (SFO); I need to search the known connections.   Hopefully this glitch will be worked out shortly, because flyers like me almost always fly connections to get where they are going.

Despite the glitch of not searching connection flights, overall I have found Next Flight to be well worth its US$2.99 price tag!

Below are five screen shots of Next Flight in use on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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a screen shot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a flight schedule

a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a flight schedule


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