Where Will You Be At 3:30pm EST Today? I’m Co-Hosting #TNI On Twitter

Twitter is a great place to met fellow travelers, travel enthusiasts, travel experts and people with some great stories from their journeys … one place to meet these folks is during the weekly #TNI chat, brought to you by the folks at ZipSetGo.com, every Thursday at 3:30pm EST


Every week #TNI, or Travelers Night In, offers up 10 questions on a specific topic, some topics are more serious than others … and this week I’ve been asked to be a co-host for a topic that is sure to bring some hilarity to the travel community … Time Travel.


OK, there are some serious travel questions being asked this week that fit within the Time Travel motif, but there are also some great questions that will get you thinking about the convergence of travel and time.


So, fire up your Delorean, make sure you have some plutonium for your Flux Capacitor, and be sure to start a fresh hashtag column on your TweetDeck, HootSuite, Echofone, Radian6, etc, Twitter App to follow #TNI and join in!


If you have never participated in #TNI before, don’t worry, new comers are always welcome at their own pace and encouraged to jump right in.


Happy Flying!



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  1. I plan to be there! I’ll try not to make fun of you (much), fish! I have my fresh #TNI hashtag column in my Radian6 Engagement Console ready to go!!

    Jenn – community engagement Radian6

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