Keeping #SkyTeamRTW Powered Up & Operating In the Sky … The Hyperjuice Battery

Trying to work during a project that at times has you off and running looking for content in not just two different cities a day, but two countries in two separate time zones a day, creates many logistics challenges. Everything must be fluid and you need to handle whatever is presented to you. Delayed flights, ticketing issues, the unexpected 75 minute interview with Chinese Immigrations officials, rain, but regardless of what obstacle is in front of you content must be created, conversations must be followed up on and the time for much of this to happen is in flight.


Yes, while traveling for #SkyTeamRTW I relied on small pocket batteries while out exploring cities, but those batteries don’t provide enough juice to create an office in sky, especially with many economy class seats lacking in-seat power of any kind. Needing to charge a laptop, iPad and multiple phones, as well at times other smaller batteries, poses some unique power challenges. To make sure work continues, even if everything is in flux, a HyperJuice MBP2-100 Battery is always in “The Bag.” This relatively compact battery has provided our 11” MacBook Air enough power to run well over a dozen hours, while simultaneously being used to charge an iPad Mini and iPhone.


During the #SkyTeamRTW journey the MBP2-100 Battery has been used on every flight with the 13” MacBook Air, simultaneously with an iPad Mini and an iPhone (or two iPhones). We have also used it to charge the smaller pocket batteries for the iPhones to stay up and running while exploring in Taipei, Seoul and Nairobi.


Travel, especially business travel, can provide for some interesting technology related logistical issues and minimizing them makes everything go smoothly. You cannot control things beyond your control, but you can be prepared to succeed knowing there are many things you cannot control.


Below is a photo of the #SkyTeamRTW office in use from Seat 49A on board a China Southern Airlines Airbus A321 as we fly from CAN to BKK, the Hyperjuice MBP2-100 Battery powering our 13” MacBook Air, iPad Mini and iPhone all at once.


Happy Flying!




a laptop and cell phone on a plane

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