Has Bellroy Designed A Perfect Travel Wallet?

When traveling keeping everything neat, organized and in one place is a challenge. Boarding passes are longer than most wallets, passport wallets tend to be impractical and uncomfortable in pant pockets, and credit card slots overlap each other adding bulk, SIM cards easily get misplaced … and pens get lost more often that we’d like to admit.


For those looking for a simple wallet, that holds everything, while being slim enough to easily slide into a pant pocket comfortable, the answer might come from Australian wallet maker Bellroy.   Bellroy does not consider its self a wallet company, but rather a company that is focused on trying to improve the way we carry,” although their entire product line is wallets.


I recently received the Travel Wallet from Bellroy, and at first I was skeptical about being able to place everything inside the wallet, especially my passport which has two extra-page inserts stitched into it, making it 24 pages thicker than a standard U.S. Passport.  After spending a day looking at the empty Bellroy Travel Wallet sitting on my dresser, I decided to load it up before hitting the road to get comfortable with it and I was pleasant surprised at what could be placed in the wallet


For me, the Travel Wallet was loaded with my Passport, drivers license, two bank cards, two frequent flyer card, two transit cards, an airline lounge card, a SIM card, some cash and two boarding passes and a pen (it comes with a pen that slips into the wallet) … and when closed up and placed in my pocket it was slimmer than my current wallet, that does not carry a passport, SIM card or boarding passes.   Yes, the Bellroy Travel wallet is quite a bit longer than my current wallet, but not wider and its slim design makes it easy to carry.


The design of the Bellroy Travel Wallet makes it easy to carry more things, in less space, and its design makes it far less clumsy to work out of.  Many passport wallets have their cash slots the depth of the passport, requiring users to reach into the wallet to retrieve money, where as the Travel Wallet’s depth is not much deeper than the bills in the wallet, making it easer to see the cash and take money in and out.   The design of the cash slot is long enough to accommodate boarding passes, rather than a boarding pass being longer than the passport wallet, as most passport wallets are designed, allowing travelers to keep boarding passes safe and with their passport and identification.


For international travel, the internal cash slots are separated, ideal for keeping different currencies in different places, as to not confuse currency.


Overall … I think Bellroy may have designed a near perfect travel wallet … not to mention its soft leather and stitching are durable, attractive and covered under a three year warranty.


Below are a few photos of my loaded up Bellroy Travel Wallet, and one of it in my pocket to give you a sense of the width of the wallet.


Happy Flying!




a wallet with cards inside


a wallet with papers inside


a wallet with cards inside


a purple leather wallet on a white surface


a wallet in a pocket


  1. For the folks looking at the US$120 price tag of the Bellroy Travel Wallet, take this info account.

    The Coach leather passport case is US$68, but does not hold boarding passes or cash. Just the boarding pass and four credit cards.

    The Cross leather passport wallet, at US$65 holds a passport, a SIM card, a few credit cards and cash, but it does not hold boarding passes and is very bulk, almost impossible to comfortably carry in a pant pocket (I know, I have one).

    The Louis Vuitton leather passport cover is US$295 and holds a passport, 3 credit cards (or a drivers license and two credit cards), as well as a slot for cash or boarding passes … that does not keep the cash in the slot effectively and/or allows boarding passes to stick out well above the top of the passport cover.

    Kate Spade’s Passport holder is US$68 and holds nothing but a passport, its a passport cover … which you’re required to remove when passing through passport control.

    The Jimmy Choo passport holder is merely a leather slip cover for your passport at the affordable price of US$295.

    There is of course always the Hermes Flight Envelope, passport wallet … for around US$900.

    The Bellroy Travel Wallet is in fact better designed than every ‘high end’ travel and passport wallet I have ever seen.

    Happy Flying!


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