iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Cathay Pacific’s CX Mobile

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23/04/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Cathay Pacific’s CX Mobile

No matter what opinion any flyer may have of the three major global airline alliances, one thing is clear, OneWorld alliance airlines are dominating the iPhone App technology.

Back in October of 2008 I wrote about the release of iPhone Apps by British Airways and Qantas, two OneWorld airlines in this entry: 2/10/2008 – iPhone ‘Apps’ Of The Week : BA Flights & Qantas Mobile (yes, there are two this week), and a few days ago Cathay Pacific released the CX Mobile iPhone App.

Having spent the past two days using CX Mobile, along with the iPhone Apps from British Airways, Qantas, LuxAir and Lufthansa, it is quite apparent that Cathay Pacific has upped the quality of information an airline’s iPhone App can deliver.

I’ll skip the obvious features of Cathay Pacific’s CX Mobile. The iPhone App allows you to check in, check flight status, retrieve booking information and search flight schedules, but so do other airline iPhone Apps. So what sets CX Mobile apart from all other airline iPhone Apps? The City Guides.

CX Mobile has integrated Cathay Pacific’s City Guides, provding detailed business and tourist information for more than 50 cities around the world, nearly 20 cities within China, and an incredibly resourceful guide to Hong Kong.

Each City Guide has suggestions for attractions, hotels, transportation, restaurants, and most useful a “Fast Facts” section. The Fast Facts section has information that is general about cities, but useful to making your travel go smoothly. This information includes populations, primary languages, monetary currency, general costs, best time to visit, country dialing code, GSM mobile phone frequency and electrical voltage information.

Even if you are not traveling with Cathay Pacific, CX Mobile is an outstanding travel resource to keep in your iPhone. If you don’t want to incur international roaming fees, no problem, CX Mobile’s City Guides work even when the iPhone is switched into Airplane Safe Mode!

With a price tag of Free, download CX Mobile. If nothing else, you’ll find the city guides fantastic!

Below are 16 screen shots of CX Mobile, with the City Guide information for San Francisco from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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a screen shot of a cell phone a white airplane in the air

a screenshot of a flight schedule a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a close-up of a text

a close-up of a text a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

a screen shot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

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