Who Can Make An International Airline Awards Show Fun and Lighthearted? Fish Can!

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22/04/2009 – Who Can Make An International Airline Awards Show Fun and Lighthearted? Fish Can!

Tomorrow night, the 23rd of April 2009 the dingy red carpet (probably snagged from an airline’s ‘elite boarding line’ while no one was looking) will be rolled out at Fort Lauderdale International Airport’s Hilton Hotel and 21st Annual Freddie Awards will be handed out to airlines and hotels from around the world.

How is this possibly fun and lighthearted? I’ll be providing the live commentary throughout the entire awards show!

No, I won’t be doing the boring statistics and mentioning that Alaska Airlines has picked up 16 Freddie Awards alone in the past 8 years (oops I guess I just mentioned that). I’m being given free reign to be…well to be me! No holding back, I can let it rip to keep it light entertaining (mostly on track) and keep you folks tuning in interested. I have no restrictions on my comments…seriously what were they thinking in giving me free reign?

For those of you scratching your heads wondering what The Freddie Awards are, they are highly coveted awards sought by airlines and hotels from around the world regarding their loyalty programs (frequent flyer programs / frequent guest programs). Unlike other industry awards, such as those handed out by SkyTrax and JD Power & Associates, The Freddie Awards are chosen directly by tens-of-thousands of frequent flyers from around the world.

So tomorrow at 7:00pm EST (Midnight GMT) tune into The Freddie Awards LIVE and see what I have to say (oh yea and you can also find out who the winners are if I stop rambling long enough for you to pay attention to the awards) here: http://freddieawards.com/webcast/stream21.php

Happy Flying!

PS: I am actually really honoured that Randy Peterson, the founder of FlyerTalk, Inside Flyer, Boarding Area…and The Freddie Awards has asked me to participate! So I promise to think about not making wise cracks about the bald guy handing out the awards.


  1. How dearly do I wish I lived near FLL again (for this AND being in the right place and right time on 595 near the I95 onramps as planes are landing…seems like you can almost reach out and touch the landing gear. Better than the beach, I say!) Err..so now that I’ve established myself as being a loon…three cheers for the Fish host! They picked the right guy!


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