iPhone App of the Week : World Customs & Cultures

If you travel for business or pleasure internationally you know that it is important to know local customs and culture for each country you visit. What is acceptable in Canada may not be acceptable in Japan, greeting people in Australia is quite very different than Kuwait and getting your cultures crossed can be quite embarrassing, if not illegal in some places.

This week’s iPhone App of the week is World Customs & Cultures by Hooked In Motion.

World Customs & Cultures offers users customs and cultural information for more than 160 countries that are ideal for both business and leisure travelers. The topics covered for each of the countries is

– Greetings
- Communication Style

– Personal Space & Touching

– Eye Contact
- Views of Time

-Gender Issues

– Gestures

– Taboos

– Law & Order

Using the World Customs & Cultures app also comes in handy when holding meetings with or doing business with companies from countries you may not be fully familiar with, regardless of where that meeting is being held.

The world is a big place and every traveler has experienced their own personal “Oops” moment, however the World Customs & Cultures app … which is free on the iTunes Store, is a great way to avoid your next “Oops” moment.

Below are six screen shots of the World Customs & Cultures app from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

a screenshot of a cell phone a screenshot of a cell phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a cell phone

a screenshot of a cell phone a screenshot of a cell phone


  1. help!!!!!

    i’m dying to get the app you wrote about “cultures” but i get a message that i can’t get it from the states…

    how do i get around that restriction ????

    and how do i sign up for your blog ????

    thank you in advance….

    sheila….a geriatric teenager….lol…..

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