#SkyTeamRTW & The Turning Point From Going To Returning

Home, a welcome place after a long trip.  Home is not always a place, but sometimes just a state of mind. Home is where you recharge, where you sit and reflect on where you have been, what you have experienced and take a break before planning where you are headed next.

For many travelers, no matter how exciting the journey, there is that  turning point where you have a mindset shift from “going” to “returning.”  A four day trip, twelve day trip, six month trip, there is that moment when your mind starts drifting towards home.

For me during the #SkyTeamRTW journey that happened before departing Amsterdam for London when I put on my headsets and Phil Collins’Take Me Home” came on.   The music video flashed through my mind. In the video he is seen visiting New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Paris … all places on the travel itinerary (as well as Chicago, Stockholm, Memphis and St. Louis). The song echoed through my mind on the flight from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport as the mental countdown clock began for returning home.

So, for your viewing pleasure this morning, and for everyone who has had this feeling … I present to you … Phil Collins’ Take Me Home as a musical travel interlude.

Happy Flying!


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