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Travel Etiquette : Don’t Put Your Feet In The Air & Wave ’em Like You Just Don’t Care

It has been a few months since I last wrote about passenger etiquette, but my flight home from London this past week reminded me that some passengers lack any sense of etiquette regardless of the class of service they are seated in.   This past Tuesday as I got settled into seat 10J, in business…

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Reader Mail “Is A Lay Flat Seat The Same As A Fully Flat Seat?”

Wordplay is a hallmark of marketing and sometimes says exactly what a project is without actually saying what a product is.   This reader mail from Riley O’Connor is all about word play. Riley emailed me the following “I’m flying Australia in December and noticed some airlines describe their business class seats as a lay…

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Saudia Begins Penalizing Late & No Show First Class Flyers

Saudi Arabian Airlines (also known as Saudia) is taking airline fees to a whole new level … which its self is not shocking … however whom these new fees are targeting is a bit shocking. Saudi Arabian Airlines has begun implementing a SR50 (US$13.25) penalty for first class and business class passengers who are late,…

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“Is the free liquor in business class worth the cost of upgrading?”

Web: — E-Mail: 2/12/2009 – “Is the free liquor in business class worth the cost of upgrading?” I frequently receive questions from travelers, ranging from the basics of “When should I check in online?” to the more complicated “Which airline alliance offers the most options for planning a round-the-world trip?”  While I often…

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