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A Solution To Avoid Sharing Your “Personal Wind” In Flight

Air travel has all sorts of personal hygiene and etiquette complications, being stuck in a 17.5 inch wide seat for hours on end doesn’t make these issues any easier. To cope with one complication that is rarely discussed in polite company, Solutions That Stick offers a unique solution … Subtle Butt.   Subtle Butt virtually…

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iPhone App of the Week : Atomic Web

As fantastic as the iPhone is, many users find the Safari web browser slow and lacking many of the features they enjoy on their desktop web browsers.  As an Apple user who not only dislikes Safari on their iPhone and iPad, as well as on their Mac computers, this week’s iPhone App of the week…

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Travel Essentials – Swiss+Tech Utili-Key

There are times on the road when every traveller finds themselves needing a screw driver, bottle opener, knife, eye glass screw driver. There are always “I wish I had” moments when opening something, repairing something or any number of other daily situations that require ‘basic tools.’ Given the strict limitations of what travelers can carry…

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The Long Haul Netbook : EeePC’s 1005HA

20/1/2010 – The Long Haul Netbook : EeePC’s 1005HA Have you ever boarded a flight from New York to Paris and wished you could watch the entire Jason Bourne Trilogy of movies on your laptop … ummm … I mean do you wish you could work from wheels up to wheels down on the flight?…

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iPhone App Of The Week : iPhone Optimized Sites (OK, they are not really Apps)

Web: — E-Mail: 3/12/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : iPhone Optimized Sites (OK, they are not really Apps) When most folks think of iPhone Apps they tend to strictly think of applications developed for the iPhone. The upside to many Apps is that they can operate without being connected to the…

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iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Travel Toolkit

Web: — E-Mail: 6/02/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Travel Toolkit As a traveler I use a variety of different iPhone Apps to make my life easier while helping others travel, while planning travel and while traveling.  Some iPhone Apps overlap, some are redundant and get used side by side…

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