Take The #AvGeekPhoto Challenge All April Long

Travelers, airplane geeks and photographers tend to have one thing in common … they shoot a lot of photos.  If you’re a travel photographer or photo avgeek you probably shoot even more photos.   During the month of April, why not put your airplane photos to good use and take part in the #AvGeekPhoto Challenge?


Throughout the month of April, Stephanie Gehman, Harrisburg International Airport’s marketing manager, has come up with a great way to bring AvGeek’s together through photography. Each day this month Stephanie has come up with a new topic for AvGeek’s to tweet a photograph of, using the hashtag #AvGeekPhoto.


In order to participate you need to be on Twitter and use the hashtag #AvGeekPhoto with each photo you post.


If you love airplanes, and chances are you at least like them if you’re reading Flying With Fish, mark down the topics for each day of the #AvGeekPhoto challenge:


4/1 – your favorite airline

4/2 – fixed wing

4/3 – any favorite aircraft

4/4 – a pilot

4/5 – night time flight

4/6 – the cockpit

4/7 – aircraft engine

4/8 – wheels down

4/9 – wheels up

4/10 – contrails

4/11 – window seat view

4/12 – rotors

4/13 – tail art

4/14 – landing gear

4/15 – logos and livery

4/16 – wings

4/17 – an airport you love

4/18 – an airport you hate

4/19 – the frequent flyer lounge

4/20 – the fleet

4/21 – baggage handling

4/22 – on approach

4/23 – metal birds

4/24 – general aviation

4/25 – military aviation

4/26 – a piece of aviation history

4/27 – your aviation hero

4/28 – the birth of aviation

4/29 – experimental aircraft

4/30 – an #avgeek


Be sure to follow Stephanie on Twitter at @airport_girl and read her blog Levity & Irony : Discovering the Shades of Grey, where she launched the #AvGeekPhoto Challenge .  Stephanie is one my favourite Twittersteams to follow.


So what my entry for today, the first day of the #AvGeekPhoto challenge, “your favorite airline“? I chose a photo I shot of a Delta Airlines Boeing 767-432/ER on short final into New York’s JFK International Airport, over Terminal 3, formerly Pan Am’s Worldport. As a kid I grew up loving Pan Am’s Worldport and I grew up flying on Delta Air Lines, the first airline I ever flew on at just about 8 months old.  This photo shows two of my first loves of airlines.


My photo submission is below. I hope to see your submissions tweeted daily to #AvGeekPhoto … and be sure to drop @airport_girl a Tweet !


Happy Flying!





PS: If you don’t know what AvGeek means … it is short for Aviation Geek

an airplane flying over a building

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  1. Thanks for promoting the #Avgeek Photo Challenge, Fish! Looking forward to seeing what fun and exciting aerophile submissions are shared by aviation lovers over the next 30 days!

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